NetEarth One Registry Price Increase

Donuts Price increase and decrease of some TLDs

With immediate effect, the Donuts registry has increased and decreased some of their TLD pricing. You would have just received an email from the platform detailing the signing up of new products as LogicBoxes had to move swiftly to separate out the TLDs this has effected.

Below is the new tier pricing – please update your billing applications and check your pricing within the platform ASAP – I cannot stress enough how important this is to do so that you are not selling at a loss.

The following domains have had an increase in cost pricing :


Tier 1: $ 44.70
Tier 2: $ 44.45
Tier 3: $ 44.05
Tier 4: $ 43.95
Tier 5: $ 43.90

Restore pricing has increased to $200.00

The following domains have had a decrease in their cost price :


Tier 1: $ 8.59
Tier 2: $ 8.19
Tier 3: $ 7.98
Tier 4: $ 7.78
Tier 5: $ 7.68

Restore pricing has increased, so this is now $200.00

Each price is per domain year as normal.

We have set the above TLDs to not be sold at this time until 1st October 2016 at 1700UTC so that you can amend the pricing within the platform. We have done this because hte registry has mentioned that hteir will be a “premium” added to domains bought or transferred from now until then and as we do not have a fixed amount of that premium it will be madness to allow the reg/transfer of these domains in this period.