Changes on the LB platform EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One Registry maintenance - scheduled

nTLDs being set to “Do Not Sell”

We are in the process of moving the following nTLDs over to our own credentials, whilst this is happening they have been set to “Do Not Sell” on the platform.


We estimate this will be for a few days. Whilst at this state any already purchased domains will still work and you will be able to manage those domains as normal.

As soon as we are back up on these, they will be set to “Sell” again.

Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

Emergency maintenance 18/11/2014 – 1 hour downtime from 10:00UTC

This fail-over is required as LB’s server administration team noticed certain hardware related warnings on the current database servera, so in order to troubleshoot the same and prevent any unplanned outages they’ll need to fail-over services to the passive servers.


The maintenance window is as below:


Date: 18th November 2014

Start Time: 10:00 AM GMT (03:30 PM IST)

Expected Maintenance Window: 60 minutes

Services Affected: Supersite, Control Panel, All billable transactions on Supersite and Supersite 2, Knowledgebase, API(Soap & HTTP), whois services

Reason: System Maintenance for troubleshooting hardware related issue

Impact on your website: This maintenance will in no way affect your websites, domains, mail services or any other active web product that you may have purchased from us.


Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

LB OrderBox Maintenance – Control Panel and API

Due to some hardware issues LB need to fail over to a passive set up due to which some of their services will be affected.

Affected services : Control panel and API

Date : 22nd Sep,

Start Time : 08:00 AM (IST) / 2.30(GMT)
End Time :  08:45 AM (IST) / 3.15 (GMT)

Duration : 45 minutes.

We regret the inconvenience caused during the interim and thank you for your patience.
Changes on the LB platform Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

EMERGENCY LB database maintenance on NEO account – Thursday 11th July

LogicBoxes are performing some maintenance on our Registrar within their database this coming Thursday, 11th July 2013 at 0500UTC/GMT.

It will mean that the parent key in the OrderBox will change, this is only an issue for anyone who is still running the SOAP api, which must by now be few and far between.  No changes or new orders can be created whilst this maintenance window is taking place.

The expected downtime will be circa 1hour 30 mins, but, we are allowing 2 hours just to make sure.

So to recap :

Maintenance Window : Thursday, 11th July 2013 at 0500UTC  – 0700UTC

Duration : 2 hours

Affected Systens : Supersite / Partnersite / Control Panel, Resellers will not be able to login whilst this is happening.

Domains, DNS and any LB hosting will continue to work without issue.


Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

LB Database maintenance

Previous maintenance on 26th May, 2nd June and 9th June all never took place, we have now been assured this should :
Date: 7th July 2013, Sunday

Timing :

2:30 AM – 3:00 AM    (0230 – 0300 hrs) GMT

8:00 AM – 8:30 AM    (0800 – 0830 hrs) IST

Maintenance window : 30 minutes

Access to the following systems will be affected during this downtime: Control Panel, Supersite, Partnersite and API.

EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

Emergency maintenance on LB platform

LogicBoxes have placed an emergency maintenance on the platform, they are currently stating it could be as long as 2 hours.


We have updated twitter : @netearthone

13:15GMT update :  LB are stating that a further 2 hours is required.

15:15GMT another 1 to 1.5 hours.

16:52GMT Platform has come out of emergency maintenance.


EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

LogicBoxes platform failure

LogicBoxes in the last hour have had a platform failure suspending all reseller account under many registrars, this is also including their own brands.

We are speaking with LB on the phone to get this resolved, I will update this blog post as soon as I have further information.

If your account shows as suspended, DO NOT request a password reset as this will achieve nothing and will then make matters worse going forward (resetting of passwords etc).


LogicBoxes have now updated their own forums :


The topic can be found here:

01:17GMT :

LogicBoxes are running a series of DB updates to revert incorrect changes.

Resellers should already be able to login, subresellers shortly and lastly customers.

03:30 GMT

The platform has update that created this issue has been fixed, all reseller accounts are as they were before this issue, same for customer accounts.


We will update further when more information is available from LogicBoxes.

Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

LogicBoxes Maintenance 24th November

We have had notice that this has been extended by a further 2 hours.

The new scheduled finish is 1030 UTC / GMT.


EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth Group NetEarth LLC NetEarth One SSLReseller

Support and Live chat services – Saturday 3rd March

On Saturday 3rd March, we will me moving into newer larger offices in the UK.

Live chat will be offline during the morning and early afternoon, whilst ticket replies will take longer than normal.

Normal service should resume later in the day, and we will tweet once we are fully back up and running on live chat (apart from you will see it be online 🙂 )

Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

Logicboxes – Supersite / Partnersite / Control panel issues

It would appear that the supersite/partnerstie/control panel is experiencing an issue at the data center, we will update this RS as and when.


1235 GMT the CP, supersite and partnersites are resolving again.