EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

LogicBoxes platform failure

LogicBoxes in the last hour have had a platform failure suspending all reseller account under many registrars, this is also including their own brands.

We are speaking with LB on the phone to get this resolved, I will update this blog post as soon as I have further information.

If your account shows as suspended, DO NOT request a password reset as this will achieve nothing and will then make matters worse going forward (resetting of passwords etc).


LogicBoxes have now updated their own forums :


The topic can be found here:

01:17GMT :

LogicBoxes are running a series of DB updates to revert incorrect changes.

Resellers should already be able to login, subresellers shortly and lastly customers.

03:30 GMT

The platform has update that created this issue has been fixed, all reseller accounts are as they were before this issue, same for customer accounts.


We will update further when more information is available from LogicBoxes.