EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth Group NetEarth LLC NetEarth One SSLReseller

Support and Live chat services – Saturday 3rd March

On Saturday 3rd March, we will me moving into newer larger offices in the UK.

Live chat will be offline during the morning and early afternoon, whilst ticket replies will take longer than normal.

Normal service should resume later in the day, and we will tweet once we are fully back up and running on live chat (apart from you will see it be online ūüôā )

NetEarth Group NetEarth LLC NetEarth One SSLReseller

NetEarth Christmas and New Year support times 2011 / 2012

Christmas and New Year Support hours 2011/2012


Both Live Support and ticket support will be open the following hours over the holiday period:

Christmas Eve                    Saturday 24th December 2011                   10:00 through 18:00

Christmas Day                   Sunday 25th December 2011                      12:00 through 18:00

Boxing Day                          Monday 26th December 2011                    11:00 through 16:00

New Years Eve                  Saturday 31st December 2011                    10:00 through 18:00

New Years Day                  Sunday 1st January 2012                               12:00 through 18:00


 All times are GMT

Downime notice NetEarth Group NetEarth One SSLReseller

Upgrade of Kayako live chat/ticket software.

This coming Monday 14th November starting at 1200GMT through 1600GMT we will be performing an upgrade to the Kayako suite we use.  We expect the total time to be less than this time, but allowing for the full 4 hours just in case.

This we are told should rectify a problem we reported to Kayako about live chat responses not being shown / sent to the person on live chat.

In this time, all ticket emails will be placed on hold, we will complete this at the MTA level, you will not be able to talk to live chat either in this time.  Once we have completed the upgrade, held ticket emails will be sent to the support suite and therefore tickets will be created.


1600GMT :-  Upgrade complete.

NetEarth One SSLReseller

Saturday Support hours change

We have been monitoring the weekend live chat and support queues for the last 6 weeks, the decision has been taken to change the Saturday support hours slightly.

This has come about because we are seeing a significant decrease in support requests and and live chat requests on Saturday morning and evening, so starting today Saturday, 23rd July 2011, the hours are changing to the following :


Live chat Start : 09:00

Live chat End : 22:00


Tickets will still be monitored so any significant surge due to an unforseen service failure will still be given utmost priority, fear not, your overall NEO experience of great service will not change.


NetEarth One SSLReseller

SSLReseller launches WHMCS module for GlobalSign certificates

Following a successful beta phase, SSLReseller is pleased to release to the general community its module for use with WHMCS.

This module will allow your WHMCS to purchase the following certificates of GlobalSign in one simple step :


Alpha Standard
Alpha WildCard
GlobalSign Domain Validated Standard
GlobalSign Domain Validated WildCard
GlobalSign Domain Validated AUTOCSR Standard
GlobalSign Domain Validated AUTOCSR WildCard
GlobalSign Organization Validated Standard
GlobalSign Organization Validated PublicIP
GlobalSign Organization Validated WildCard
GlobalSign Organization Validated AUTOCSR Standard
GlobalSign Organization Validated AUTOCSR PublicIP
GlobalSign Organization Validated AUTOCSR WildCard
GlobalSign Extended Validation


Your customer has full control for re-issuing, cancelling and decoding (AutoCSR) the certificates in the clientarea.

We will be adding at a later stage full SAN support, and the new OneClickSSL vouchers with remote install feature into cPanel of the SSL cert purchased.


Further modules will be released soon for other popular billing applications.

NetEarth Group NetEarth LLC NetEarth One SSLReseller

Christmas and New Year Support hours 2010/2011

Christmas and New Year Support hours 2010/2011

Both Live Support and ticket support will be open the following hours over the holiday period:

Christmas Eve Friday 24th December 2010   08:00 through 18:00
Christmas Day Saturday 25th December 2010 12:00 through 18:00
Boxing Day Sunday 26th December 2010 10:00 through 18:00
New Years Eve Friday 31st December 2010 08:00 through 18:00
New Years Day Saturday 1st January 2011 12:00 through 18:00


All times are GMT

NetEarth Group NetEarth LLC NetEarth One SSLReseller

Staff training and Support in November 2010

Dear Resellers,

We will be undergoing staff training starting 4th November 2010, through 15th November 2010, this will have an impact of our Live chat service, and support service that we offer.  Tickets received will be replied to in the order they were received.

Please understand that if the ‚ÄúLive Chat‚ÄĚ icon states online, we are logged on and available, if it is ‚ÄúOffline‚ÄĚ then you will be directed to create a ticket as normal.

NetEarth Group NetEarth One SSLReseller

Live Support Times change becuase of BST ending

Dear Resellers,

On Sunday 31st October 2010, NetEarth Group support, which includes NetEarth One and SSL Reseller, will be changing its live support times to GMT/UTC.

This means that support will be within the following times :

Monday through Friday                 0800 to 0000 GMT/UTC

Saturday                                              0800 to 2300 GMT/UTC

Sunday                                                 1000 to 2200 GMT/UTC

Please note that the Saturday night timing has changed by 1 (one) hour.

NetEarth Group NetEarth One SSLReseller

Live support unavailability

Dear Resellers,

During the period of 2200 11th May 2010 through 1000 19th May 2010 NetEarth will be running a reduced live chat service.

This will not affect standard support tickets as these will continue to be answered in the order they are received.

If you require NetEarth One support, you may wish to look through our knowledgebase at

NetEarth Group NetEarth LLC NetEarth One SSLReseller

Live support changes.

Hi all,

We are slightly changing our hours on a Sunday, currently the live support is 0800 to 0000 BST, this is changing to 1000 to 2200 BST

Over the past 8 weeks we have been monitoring the support desk and notice between 2200 and midnight on a Sunday, there is very little maybe 1 or 2 live chat requests, and therefore it makes economical sense  to change those hours, this currently does not change Monday through Saturday 0800 to 0000 BST.

This is across all brands, NEO, NEG and SSLReseller.