NetEarth One Promotions Registry Price Increase

.ICU Promotional Pricing

We are pleased to announce a partnership with .ICU that will see new registrations at $3.00 for the first year of registration. Renewals and Transfers will be charged at $9.50.

This promo pricing will run from 2nd October 2023 through 31st December 2023 inclusive.

Once this promo pricing has ended, the pricing for all, new/reg/tra will increase to $9.50 per year.

Restoration will change from $101.00 down to $71.00 effective 2nd October 2023 which includes a 1 year renewal.

NetEarth One Promotions

.ORG Promo price

PIR has launched a promotion from now until 30th September 2023.

The promo price is set to $7.49 for new single-year registrations only.

Renewal and transfer pricing does not change and therefore is still the same as per your tier.

Pricing for registration will revert to your standard tier pricing on 29th September 2023.

NetEarth One Promotions

.IO promotion

From the 1st July 2021, the create / renew and transfer cost of a .IO domain name has changed from $49.95 down to $40.00.

This promotion should last until 31st December 2021, BUT, it can be revoked at any time, should this happen, email, platform announcement and blog post will be made.

Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One Promotions

LogicBoxes: Free Email – Now Customizable

Dear Resellers,

Sorry for the lateness on this update but starting the 7th of October 2010, LB have introduced the ability to customize the number of Free Email Accounts with every Domain Name.

Configurable Parameters:


Minimum Value

Maximum Value

Default Value*

Number of Email Accounts




Storage per Email Account




* Default Values will be set as mentioned above, if you choose to not configure the parameters.

While this is offered to you completely free of cost at the moment, LB are looking at making this email offering ad-supported in the future. They will provide more information on this shortly.

 PartnerSite changes for Web Services: 
As part of the Web Services launch, they have made certain modifications to the following pages on the PartnerSite:

  • Pricing
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Site Builder
  • Features

The modifications on these pages will not reflect on your PartnerSite till you manually update these pages through your PartnerSite Admin Area. Please make these changes to include Custom Plans and the new Website Builder on your PartnerSite.

Yahoo Search Marketing:
Due to Yahoo!’s transition to Microsoft’s search technology, the Free $50 Yahoo! Search Marketing ad credit will no longer be available.

This program will be replaced in the near future by a similar program from Microsoft. Customers who have previously availed of the credits and set up an advertising account at Yahoo! can continue managing their accounts as before.

NetEarth One Promotions SSLReseller

SSL Special

Hi all,

Have the following special offers for the next 2 weeks :

Special offer, only 10 available:

100 x AlphaSSL Standard SSL Certificates
10 x AlphaSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates

Total normal cost per our site on Tier 5: $ 1,345.00
Special until we run out of these 10 packs $ 995.00, plus we will throw in a GlobalSign DV Wildcard for 1 year for YOUR domain worth £429.00

Special offer number 2, only 3 available:

250 x AlphaSSL Standard SSL Certificates
50 x AlphaSSL Wildcard SSL Certificates

Total normal cost per our site on Tier 5: $ 4,237.50
Special until we run out of these 10 packs $ 2,995.00, plus we will throw in a GlobalSign DV Wildcard for 2 year for YOUR domain worth £429.00

These are Globalsign certs, you will be given a GlobalSign account and are able to manage all aspects of the certs.

You can then topup your account if you need to etc.

The funds on the account have a “use by” date of December 2011.

Drop by if  interested or you wish to work out a slightly different deal

NetEarth One Promotions

.ASIA **Promotion Pricing**

New promotion pricing until the end August 2010.

This is applicable to NEW registrations only, NOT renewal or transfer and FIRST year of registration only.

So the pricing:

New registration of a .ASIA domain will be $9.95 if you setup your selling price in the Promo engine to be less than $19.95, more than that would mean a buy price of $11.95.

To setup the promo engine go here :

This promotion will AUTOMATICALLY end on 31st August 2010, at midnight GMT, please make sure you make a note of this date to remove the promotion if you are using a third party billing application.

NetEarth One Promotions

.CN Second and Third level pricing changed

Promotion Price ended.

Pricing has now changed as per the email sent yesterday to all resellers.

NetEarth One Promotions

Promos ending in September

Dear Resellers,

Anyone using WHMCS or AWBS or any other billing platform, please make a note of these dates!
The following TLD promotions will end on their respective dates :


Expiry Date


20th September


29th September

Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One Promotions Uncategorized

NetEarth One – Free Domain Forwarding – coming soon


Dear Reseller,This blog/RSS entry contains important information about the following:


Free Domain Forwarding Service

LogicBoxes are excited to announce that they will be launching their Free Domain Forwarding Service on the 9th of August. This latest addition to their suite of Free Products will be offered with every service that is provisioned through the LogicBoxes Platform.

As they approach the launch, they would like to furnish you with the changes that you and your Resellers may need to undertake to ensure a seamless update. We have described the impact of this launch below:

Domain Forwarding Sign-up and Setup:

1. All accounts on the system will be signed up for the Free Domain Forwarding Service on the 9th of August
2. All customer and sub-reseller sign-ups post 9th August will be automatically signed up for this service 
3. As Domain Forwarding will become a free product, the pricing tables will be removed from your and your Resellers’ control panels

Activating Free Domain Forwarding:

In order to activate the Free Domain Forwarding Service, your Resellers and Customers will need to:
1. Navigate to the associated Product Management Console
2. Click on the Free Domain Forwarding button
3. Click on the Activate Domain Forwarding button
4. Once successfully activated, the Activate Domain Forwarding button will be replaced by a Manage Domain Forwarding button

Nameserver Information: 1. If the domain name using the service is registered through the LogicBoxes system, but the nameservers are not the same as those required to use the Domain Forwarding Service, our system will prompt the customer by displaying an Auto Update Nameservers button. On clicking this button, the nameservers will be updated automatically.
2. If the domain name is not registered with us, and the nameservers are not the same as those required to use the Domain Forwarding Service, the required nameservers will be displayed to the Customer. The auto-updation option will not be available, as these domains are not being managed through the LogicBoxes platform. 

Impact on Existing Orders:

1. If the Domain Forwarding order is associated with one or more Products in the system, your Customers will simply need to search for the Product associated with the Domain Forwarding Service and access the management console from the Order Details View. Alternatively, your Customers and Resellers can use the widget on the Control Panel homepage to locate their Domain Forwarding Service.
2. If the Domain Forwarding order is not associated with any other Product in the system, your Customers and Resellers can use the widget on the Control Panel homepage to locate their Domain Forwarding Service.

API Impact: The relevant methods can be found under the DomainFwd class, within the DomainsKit.

Changes to the Existing API:

The following methods will be deprecated on the 9th of August:
– getDetails()
– del()
– getDetailsByDomain()
– getOrderIdByDomain()
– renew()
– add()
– list()
– mod()
– manage()

New Methods:

The following methods will be added:
– setupDomainForwardService(int orderID)
– manageDomainForwardService()

The above information has been put together to give you a perspective of the expected modifications, so that you can make any necessary changes on your site / use of the API.Through the course of this week, we will continue to send you regular updates on all developments on this front. We urge you to pass on this information to your Resellers at the earliest possible so they can prepare for the launch at their end as well. Do feel free to contact us in case you have absolutely any questions regarding the above details.
Please feel free to contact us if you requuire any assistance.

Kind Regards,


NetEarth One Promotions Registry Price Increase

Prices and Promo’s Update – IMPORTANT


NetEarthOne Product/Promo: Important Announcements.

Dear Reseller,

Below are a few important updates regarding our Product and Promo Offerings. As per your previous settings, modifications may be required at your end as well.

Unlimited Hosting @ $2.89

As you might be aware, our Unlimited Hosting comes with Yahoo Search Marketing Credit worth $50; unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and much more.
You can also bundle Dedicated IP/SSLs at just $1.59/month per Hosting Package.

To enable Dedicated IPs all you need to do is login to your Control Panel and follow the steps below.

  • Search for the domain name for which you have purchased the hosting package and proceed to the Order Details
  • Click the “Enable SSL (Dedicated IP) Support” button in the lower toolbar
  • Click the “Confirm” button on the following page that displays your Cost and Selling Price

Dedicated IPs only adds to the competitive edge that you already have on account of our Unlimited Hosting Product.

Third Level .IN Domains – Now for $5.39

Please be informed that the Promo Pricing for Third Level .IN Domains will increase to $5.39. This new pricing will be effective Today, 28th of July ’09 at 12:30 UTC. We recommend you change your pricing in advance to avoid being negatively affected by this change in pricing.

Also for your benefit, we have increased the current Barrier Pricing applicable for this promo from $6.99 to $7.99.

Please Note:

  • The Promo price change is applicable only to Third Level .IN Domains.
  • This Promo will continue to be offered through the ResellerClub Promo Engine. To avail of the pricing of $5.39 on all Third level .IN Domains, you need to set your Selling Price in the Promo Engine to not more than $7.99 for Customers and Sub-Resellers. If you do not wish to pass on the promo and set your Selling Price to a value higher than $7.99, your Cost Price will then be set to $6.99 or your slab based pricing, whichever is lower. For any further clarifications, please refer to our KnowledgeBase.
  • The Promo is applicable for the first year of registration only. A two year Third Level .IN Domain registration will be billed as Promo Pricing + Regular Price for 1 year.
  • Renewals and Transfer-ins will not attract this Promo pricing.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of Domains that can be registered within this Promo period.
  • The .IN promo will end on 29th September, 2009.

Promotions ending soon:

The following promos will end on the 30th of July, 2009 at 12:30 UTC. So hurry and make the most of them! Prices FROM :

  • .US @ $4.39 only!
  • .MOBI just @ $7.69!
  • .ORG @ $7.14 only!
  • .TV @ $20.34!

For any further queries, feel free to contact us

Best Regards,

Chris Pelling

NetEarth One, Inc.