Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

Emergency maintenance 18/11/2014 – 1 hour downtime from 10:00UTC

This fail-over is required as LB’s server administration team noticed certain hardware related warnings on the current database servera, so in order to troubleshoot the same and prevent any unplanned outages they’ll need to fail-over services to the passive servers.


The maintenance window is as below:


Date: 18th November 2014

Start Time: 10:00 AM GMT (03:30 PM IST)

Expected Maintenance Window: 60 minutes

Services Affected: Supersite, Control Panel, All billable transactions on Supersite and Supersite 2, Knowledgebase, API(Soap & HTTP), whois services

Reason: System Maintenance for troubleshooting hardware related issue

Impact on your website: This maintenance will in no way affect your websites, domains, mail services or any other active web product that you may have purchased from us.