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January 2, 2013

LogicBoxes platform connection issues

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Since circa 1830/1900 GMT on New Years Eve, the LB platform has been under a DDoS attack which they are trying to mitigate, this will result in either very slow connections or no connection/timeout to the platform.

Currently LB are updating 2 forum posts :

Post 1 :

Post 2 :

At this time, it is very intermitent in Europe, far better in the US.

We will update this post throughout the day or on twitter @netearthone

June 25, 2012

LogicBoxes moving .UK to EPP

LB will be migrating to the new EPP version on the 26th June, In order to handle this migration process there will be a downtime. Details for the same are mentioned below.

Maintenance Details

Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Time: 08:30 AM – 11:30 AM GMT/UTC
Duration: 3 Hours

During the migration period, customers will not be able to Register, Renew, Transfer or Manage their .UK domain names.  As we are moving to the new EPP version, the following API changes are happening :

This API Call (HTTP & SOAP) will be removed –
This API Call is to be used in its place –


The new transfer process is much simpler, you the reseller through your billing app or the Supersite / SuperSite 2 will notify us first that the domain is coming to us, and, notify us of the customer account the domain will belong too.  Then, once your customer has changed the TAG to NETEARTHONE, we will complete the process to your customers account.

The security key feature will be removed from the SS and SS2 and the activateTransferredDomain api call will stop working.

January 25, 2012

ES and EU registrations using Billing applications

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If you are using a billing application that does not use the API’s “check availability call” for gathering availability of .ES, .EU and .WS then please drop in a ticket to support to get a configuration change.

Do I need it:

If you are using whmcs or awbs or a billing application that has a whoislookup file AND If you sell . EU / .ES then yes you do.

How do I fix it:

Drop an email into support [at], subject of : “WHOIS EU and ES” with your Reseller ID (Number), 2 numbers from your PIN, your servers IP address and the request for access to our lookup script and we will enable you to do it and reply with the modifications needed.

Why should I:

It would appear that some billing applications like whmcs, do not use a proper method for lookup of .ES domain names as the ES registry does not offer an end user port 43 service, and thus it allows for registration of prohibited domains, these are then registered with the LB platform and you are charged.  The Spanish registry then deletes these prohibited registrations without any refund.  We have also seen a reseller using .EU have their whmcs checking ability abused and EURID have blocked their IP address for 90 days.


Ultimately it is up to you if you do this or not 🙂


January 12, 2012

Verisign price increase – specifics :-

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Further to our various notifications by blog and control panel, we are specifying below the procedure we will take for the increase in pricing this coming Saturday 14th at 1400 UTC.


As advised by email and by control panel today:

Further to our announcement on November 2nd that the registry is increasing its pricing, this announcement is to remind you that effective 14th January 2012, the new pricing for .COM and .NET domains will be made applicable.


If you have yet to make the necessary changes to your website and/or Control Panel, we ask that you get them updated as quickly as possible.


If you use the API, and complete all your billing through a third party application, please update those prices too if you need too.


We shall be increasing the Registration, Renewal and Transfer-In pricing for .COM and .NET domain names on January 14th, 2012 at 14:00 UTC, our prior announcement stated it would be 23:55 UTC which has now changed to 14:00 UTC, however the platform provider has stated a cross platform update will also happen at this time which is necessary to protect against any loss to you through pending orders (please see bullet points below)

Important Note:

  • If you have specific pricing assigned on the .COM and .NET tlds, we will be increasing it by $0.51 and $0.46 respecitvly.
  • All pending .COM and.NET Registration and Renewal orders that have not been paid for or executed will be deleted on the 14th. This is to ensure that you don’t incur any losses through pending orders.
  • Pending orders on Transfer-Ins will not be affected. However, if you need to delete these orders yourself, you can find it here:Control Panel > Customers > Billing > Pending Invoices and Debit Notes


September 12, 2011

LogicBoxes IP additions for sending emails

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LogicBoxes have added a new set of IP addresses for outgoing mail services where the platform sends mail of your behalf.


Please find enclosed SPF information :


“v=spf1 ip4: ip4:
ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4:
ip4: mx ?all”

July 31, 2011

Issue with .GB.COM domains

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Hi there,

Those that may have registered a domain through NetEarth One with the registry CentralNIC have probably seen a connection issue to your domain today, a statement from CentralNIC follows and we will keep you updated :


Unfortunately, the service CentralNic has been providing for domains ending has been interrupted. We are currently taking legal advice about this and are taking urgent steps to restore the service.

This interruption relates to a longstanding legal dispute regarding the domain name, dating back to when the current shareholders acquired the business in 2004. We  can confirm, with absolute certainty, that no other CentralNic domain extensions are subject to any such disputes.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team at

June 21, 2011

.NAME registry Price increase

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The .NAME Registry will be increasing the price of .name domains by the end of this month, therefore on Thursday 30th at 12:59 UTC, the pricing will be updated to be in line with the .ORG and .BIZ pricing.


Tier 1 – $ 9.90

Tier 2 – $ 9.40

Tier 3 – $ 9.10

Tier 4 – $ 8.99

Tier 5 – $ 8.79


January 3, 2011

.EU Promo Ending 5th Jan 2011

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.EU Promo ends

For Resellers reselling .EU through the platform, our .EU at $3.99/$5.99 Promo ends on 5th January 2011 00:01GMT.

December 17, 2010

Logicboxes : PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway changes

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Dear Resellers,

Logicboxes informed us that they were going to remove the above gateway, however, after many days of discussions with LB, they are not removing it but changing the way in which they communicate with PayPal.

The below information should be read and acted upon if you use the gateway.


Currently using the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway?

If you are currently using the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway to collect payments from your Customers/Resellers, you are required to make the changes listed below, before 22nd December, 2010 to avoid disruption of services:

1.    Generate your PayPal API Credentials:

2.    Authorize your API Username to make API calls through your Reseller Account:

3.    Configure both the above-mentioned details in your Reseller Account:

Integrating the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway for the first time?

If you are currently not using the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway and are interested in using the same, then we would request you to integrate this Gateway with your Registrar Account post 10.30 am UTC on 22nd of December, 2010 as it will not function before that time.

November 22, 2010

.INFO price change effective July 1, 2011

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Hi All,

The Afilias Registry is increasing its pricing as above, we will let you know closer to the time of the new pricing, it will probably be in line with COM pricing.

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