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Verisign price increase – specifics :-

Further to our various notifications by blog and control panel, we are specifying below the procedure we will take for the increase in pricing this coming Saturday 14th at 1400 UTC.


As advised by email and by control panel today:

Further to our announcement on November 2nd that the registry is increasing its pricing, this announcement is to remind you that effective 14th January 2012, the new pricing for .COM and .NET domains will be made applicable.


If you have yet to make the necessary changes to your website and/or Control Panel, we ask that you get them updated as quickly as possible.


If you use the API, and complete all your billing through a third party application, please update those prices too if you need too.


We shall be increasing the Registration, Renewal and Transfer-In pricing for .COM and .NET domain names on January 14th, 2012 at 14:00 UTC, our prior announcement stated it would be 23:55 UTC which has now changed to 14:00 UTC, however the platform provider has stated a cross platform update will also happen at this time which is necessary to protect against any loss to you through pending orders (please see bullet points below)

Important Note:

  • If you have specific pricing assigned on the .COM and .NET tlds, we will be increasing it by $0.51 and $0.46 respecitvly.
  • All pending .COM and.NET Registration and Renewal orders that have not been paid for or executed will be deleted on the 14th. This is to ensure that you don’t incur any losses through pending orders.
  • Pending orders on Transfer-Ins will not be affected. However, if you need to delete these orders yourself, you can find it here:Control Panel > Customers > Billing > Pending Invoices and Debit Notes