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ES and EU registrations using Billing applications

If you are using a billing application that does not use the API’s “check availability call” for gathering availability of .ES, .EU and .WS then please drop in a ticket to support to get a configuration change.

Do I need it:

If you are using whmcs or awbs or a billing application that has a whoislookup file AND If you sell . EU / .ES then yes you do.

How do I fix it:

Drop an email into support [at], subject of : “WHOIS EU and ES” with your Reseller ID (Number), 2 numbers from your PIN, your servers IP address and the request for access to our lookup script and we will enable you to do it and reply with the modifications needed.

Why should I:

It would appear that some billing applications like whmcs, do not use a proper method for lookup of .ES domain names as the ES registry does not offer an end user port 43 service, and thus it allows for registration of prohibited domains, these are then registered with the LB platform and you are charged.  The Spanish registry then deletes these prohibited registrations without any refund.  We have also seen a reseller using .EU have their whmcs checking ability abused and EURID have blocked their IP address for 90 days.


Ultimately it is up to you if you do this or not 🙂