Downime notice NetEarth One

UN-Scheduled Maintenance for Linux Hosting (US)

Received this email this morning, nothing like telling us 3 hours before maintenance starts and calling it “Scheduled”!

Scheduled Maintenance for Linux (US) Hosting Server

Update as on July 10th, 2009, 22:00 hrs: The database connectivity issue is also rectified and all websites are now fully functional. We again apologize for the inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience shown during this maintenance.

Update as on July 10th, 2009, 21:00 hrs: Although the maintenance for 10th July is over, we have seen some irregularities with the database connectivity. We are aware of this and are working on a permanent fix. We expect this anomaly to be over within a couple of hours. Please note that only websites with databases might have their connections timed out. We apologies for the inconvenience caused and assure you that we will get it soon.

We have scheduled a few downtimes to apply hardware upgrades on our Linux (US) Hosting server for performance enhancement. Here are the necessary details :

Server 1 :

Maintenance Window:
Date: July 10th, 2009
Start Time: 12:00 hrs GMT
Estimated Duration : 4 hrs
Affected IP addresses:

Server 2 :

Maintenance Window:
Date: July 11th, 2009
Start Time: 01:00 hrs GMT
Estimated Duration : 30 mins

Affected IP addresses:

Server 3 :

Maintenance Window:
Date: July 12th, 2009
Start Time: 06:30 hrs GMT
Estimated Duration : 30 mins
Affected IP addresses:

Server 4 :

Maintenance Window:
Date: July 13th, 2009
Start Time: 06:30 hrs GMT
Estimated Duration : 30 mins

Affected IP addresses

Affected Systems : Sites hosted on these IP Addresses will cease to resolve.

Inconvenience caused due to this downtime is deeply regretted. Feel free to get in touch with our Support Team, in case of any queries or doubts.

NetEarth One Registry Price Increase

.BIZ Registry Price Increase

Hi All,

NeuStar (the domain registry) put their pricing up as of the 1st June 2009, we have tried to stave off the increase as long as we could for you.

It is now with regret that the pricing will increase as of Tuesday 7th July 23:59 BST (GMT +1).


The new pricing is listed below:

Tier 1   $8.95

Tier 2   $8.60

Tier 3   $8.25

Tier 4   $8.10

Tier 5   $7.99

If you use a 3rd party billing system, please make sure you update these.  If you use the Supersite or Partnersite, please login to NEO >> Settings >> Set Pricing Promos and Plans >> Domain Registration >> .BIZ


NetEarth One Sales.

NetEarth One Registry maintenance - scheduled

VeriSign – Registry EPP Tool OT&E environment

The Registry EPP Tool OT&E environment will be taken offline on  Tuesday, July 7, 2009 for a maintenance.

This will not stop any domain services from working. 

Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time: 1400 hrs – 1500 hrs UTC (1000 hrs – 1100 hrs EDT)

Duration: 1 hour


Purpose: Software Upgrade. The EPP tool provides an interface to send EPP requests and receive the resulting responses by connecting to any of the following systems: .Com/.Net, NameStore (.TV/.CC/.Jobs/Name Suggestion), .Name

Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

Important Supersite and Partnersite changes for Unlimited Hosting

Dear Reseller,

As announced previously, LB will be launching their ‘Unlimited Hosting Plan’ @ $2.89/month on 1st July, 2009 between 05.30 and 06.30 UTC.

The Hosting Plan would include Unlimited Web Hosting at a cost price of $2.40 and Unlimited Email Hosting at a cost price of $0.49.

Please set your selling price for each of these products accordingly.


Once launched, please reset the following SuperSite pages to default and apply your customized changes. Kindly ensure that you maintain a backup of the modified version locally.

Dashboard » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Homepage » Includes » Hostingblurb.html

Dashboard » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Hosting » Web_email_hosting » Hosting_plans.html

Dashboard » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Menu_data.js

Dashboard » Manage Theme » JS » Menu_style.js

LB will also be introducing a new Hosting page which can be translated/changed from the following path once active:

Dashboard » Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Hosting » Web_email_hosting » Includes v Hosting_plans_details.html


Please reset the following page to default and apply your customized changes. Kindly ensure that you maintain a backup of the modified version locally.

Manage Site » Edit/Translate Content Pages » Products » Pricing » Pricing.html

For a list of API and CONTROL PANEL changes, please refer to our previous post here.


  • Please note that the maximum time frame for the Hosting product will be extended from the existing 5 years to 10 years, minimum being 1 year.
  • Dedicated IP will not be available for purchase with the Hosting package from the SuperSite but will be exposed from the control panel. This is being implemented to simplify the purchase flow for basic users.
  • Additional impacts can be found in our previous post here.


YSM Credit with every Hosting package: All new and existing customers will be eligible for a FREE $50 YSM Coupon with every hosting package. This offer will be available to customers at all levels of your reseller chain.

YSM Credit with every Reseller Signup: All existing and new Reseller signups throughout the chain will be eligible for a FREE $50 YSM Coupon upon successful activation of their account with Yahoo. (separate information will be posted)

LB are certain that this addition will make your offer even more attractive and boost sales and signups.

Kind regards,


NetEarth One, inc.

NetEarth One Promotions

Unlimited Hosting Plan @ $2.89/month Only!

Dear Reseller,

LogicBoxes will be revamping their hosting package and introducing their ‘Unlimited Hosting Plan’ @ $2.89/month only. This plan will throw open exciting opportunities to all resellers to create a greater market presence and cater to multiple customer segments at an unmatched value-for-money price point.

In addition to the extremely attractive hosting package, LB will also be including a FREE Yahoo Search Marketing Credit worth $50 with every package.

The revamped hosting plan is an enticing proposal to every hosting customer as it stands unparalleled with an extremely competitive pricing of $2.89/month and unlimited quota on all parameters.

We strongly encourage all resellers to push hosting sales with the unlimited plan and pass on the pricing benefit to sub-resellers and customers.




  • Date: 1st July, 2009
  • Time: 05.30 UTC
  • Price: Unlimited Web + Email Hosting @ $2.89/month




  • There will be ZERO Downtime during the migration.
  • The minimum purchase period for a hosting package will be set at 1 year.
  • The Money Back Guarantee Period will still stand at 30 days.
  • India Hosting will be deprecated, however existing orders will continue to function unaffected.
  • All four existing plans will be deprecated and all existing orders will be migrated to the new plan on 1st July.
  • Email Hosting will be bundled with Web Hosting but can also be purchased independently.
  • The new hosting package would include the set price for Web + Email hosting. Resellers are advised to set their pricing for Web and Email hosting accordingly, you can remove email in checkout process.
  • Login Credentials, Management and features of existing orders will remain unchanged.




  • There will not be an option to set the ‘Plan Name’ from the pricing page.
  • A Dedicated IP field will be included on the pricing page.
  • The Upgrade/Downgrade option will be deprecated with the launch of the new single hosting plan.




Since the Upgrade/ Downgrade option will no longer be available, the following API methods will be deprecated:

  • LinuxHostingOrder.getModPricing
  • LinuxHostingOrder.mod
  • WindowsHostingOrder.getModPricing
  • WindowsHostingOrder.mod

The ‘packagekey‘ and ‘excessbandwidth‘ parameters will not be considered in the following Methods post launch:

  • LinuxHostingOrder.getMonthlyCostAndValidate
  • WindowsHostingOrder.getMonthlyCostAndValidate
  • LinuxHostingOrder.add
  • WindowsHostingOrder.add

We will also be announcing a lower renewal price for ALL existing hosting customers within a specific time frame. These details will be conveyed in our next mailer.


Email Hosting Migration

As previously mentioned LB will revamp Email Hosting, they would be migrating Email Hosting to the infrastructure. Along with greater performance, redundancy, uptime and scalability, they will also be introducing a new user friendly interface on 2nd July, 2009.

The new interface will be brandable, cleaner, intuitive and easy to navigate. Screenshots of the new and improved interface will soon be made available to our resellers. This move represents another important phase in the re-designing of their Email Product after the infrastructure upgrades. Next in line are improved anti-spam and anti-virus technology amongst others.


Kind regards,


NetEarth One, Inc.