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LogicBoxes: Free Mail Forwarding Update

Dear Reseller,

As another addition to LB’s Free Services suite, Mail Forwarding will be available free of charge with every product purchased through the LogicBoxes platform from Sunday, September 6, 2009. To ensure a seamless launch, here is a list of updates and modifications that you and your Resellers need to make a note of.

Mail Forwarding Sign-up and Setup 
  • All accounts on the system will be signed up for the Free Mail Forwarding Service on the 6th of September
  • All Customer and Reseller sign-ups post 6th September will be automatically signed up for this service
  • As Mail Forwarding will become a Free Service, its Set Pricing page will be deprecated from the Control Panel
  • The Mail Forwarding Service will now be moved to the .PW infrastructure
  • Post 6th September, a consolidated Email tab will be visible in the Control Panel. On clicking the Email tab, the customer will be given the option to either purchase Mail Hosting or activate Mail Forwarding
  • A Domain can have either Mail Forwarding or Mail Hosting associated with it
  • The Mail Hosting option will not be displayed if you and/or your Resellers have not signed up for Email Hosting
Activating Free Mail Forwarding

In order to activate the Free Mail Forwarding Service, your Resellers and Customers will need to:

  • Navigate to the associated Product Management Console
  • Click on the Email button
  • Click on the Activate Mail Forwarding button
  • Once successfully activated, the Activate Mail Forwarding button will be replaced by a Manage Mail Forwarding button
Nameserver Information
  • If the Domain Name using the service is registered through the LogicBoxes platform, but the nameservers are not the same as those required, our system will prompt the Customer by displaying an Auto Update Nameservers button. On clicking this button, the nameservers will be updated automatically.
  • If the Domain Name is not registered with us, the required nameservers will be displayed to the Customer. The auto-update option will not be available in this case.
API Impact

All existing methods pertaining to Mail Forwarding under the Domains Kit will be deprecated.

A new method will be added to activate the Mail Forwarding Service. This can be found under:
DomainsKIT >> MailFwdOrder >> activateMailForwardService

Impact on Existing Orders
  • Wildcarded forwarding will no longer be available with the Free Mail Forwarding Service. However, your Customers can create a Catch-All account if required.
  • If the Mail Forwarding order is associated with one or more Products in the system, your Customers will simply need to search for the Product associated with the Mail Forwarding Service and access the management console from the Order Details View. Alternatively, your Customers and Resellers can use the Manage Free Services widget on the Control Panel homepage to locate their Domain Forwarding Service.
  • If the Domain Forwarding order is not associated with any other Product in the system, your Customers and Resellers can use the Manage Free Services widget on the Control Panel homepage to locate their Mail Forwarding Service.

The above information has been put together to give you a perspective of the expected modifications, so that you can allocate resources to make the required updates at your end.



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