Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

LogicBoxes Business email pricing increase

We have been informed by LogicBoxes that their Business email service pricing is increasing as of 1st July 2022.

Essentially LogicBoxes are migrating the services to a new DC, and in turn should be providing a far better service for their business email offering. Time will tell on this, so our fingers are crossed.

In turn, LB have informed us that the pricing will increase, this being to $1.00 per mailbox per month. This will be effective 00:01 on 1st July 2022. I am extremely sorry for the short notice on this, we have been back and fourth with LB to little avail.

Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

Logicboxes platform Domain service price increases

As you know NEO does not increase its pricing save for registry or service pricing. Logicboxes have informed us that they are increasing their “per transaction” cost on domain services.

This includes ALL TLDs, gTLD, nTLD and ccTLDs, as well as the per transaction fee on the privacy service. I would say in their defence that this price has not increased in a number of years.

Therefore from 00:01 on the 31st July 2022 UTC, the following increases will be applied to the platform, pl:ease make sure you update your pricing so that no service is sold at a loss.

Per domain transaction will increase by $0.20c

Per Privacy protection transaction will increase by $0.25c

Please remember these are PER YEAR, so if there is a 5 year renewal, the increase will be for domain transactions as an example, 5 x 0.20c = $1.00. Likewise for the PP service.

This is for registration, renewal, transfer and restoration – all charge based actions.

Changes on the LB platform Downime notice NetEarth One

Important: Upcoming downtime announcement on your Control Panel and Supersites

As part of LogicBoxes continued efforts to keep improving their platform stability, they’re undertaking a maintenance activity on their internal systems on Sunday, 27th March 2022. 

This maintenance activity will start at 2:30 am UTC and continue till 5:30 am UTC. This would mean that you will not be able to access your control panels and supersites or be able to place any new orders or transactions in this window.  This includes use of the API.

This scheduled maintenance will help us deliver better performance and stability to you. 

Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

Important Announcement – IP changes to LB Supersite/Partnersite and Orderbox

Logicboxes will be updating the IP addresses of the platform on the 1st March 2022.

If you use either the Supersite 2, Reseller sales Panel, or Control Panel for your customers, please make the following changes BEFORE 1st March when the old IPs will be removed.

As part of their continued efforts to keep improving their platform stability, they are making some changes to their infrastructure. There are a couple of changes that you will need to make to continue enjoying uninterrupted services for yourself, your sub-resellers and your customers: 

Changes to Supersite and Partnersite 

Only if you are using a fully branded Supersite or Partnersite, please change your A record within your name servers to the IPs mentioned below: 

New IP for Supersite 

New IP for Partnersite 

Changes to Orderbox control panel 

Only if you are using a fully branded control panel, please change the DNS records of your Control panel URL from an A record to a CNAME record. The correct CNAME record to be added is: 

<enter your fully branded control panel URL>  CNAME 

LB request you to make these changes by March 1, 2022 to enjoy uninterrupted services and stability of their platforms. Please ignore this post if you are using partially branded supersites, partnersites and Orderbox control panels. 

NetEarth One Registry Price Increase

.CLUB Restoration pricing adjustment

The restoration price of .CLUB domains will increase by $23.00 USD from 1st January 2022.

The restoration cost which includes renewal will therefore be $100.00.

No adjustment to registration, renewal or transfer pricing is required.

NetEarth One

Christmas and New Year opening hours for support 2021/2022

Support will be open the following hours over the holiday period in GMT:

Christmas EveFriday24th December 202108:00 through 17:00
Christmas DaySaturday25th December 202112:00 through 17:00
Boxing DaySunday26th December 202110:00 through 17:00
New Years EveFriday31st December 202108:00 through 17:00
New Years DaySaturday1st January 202212:00 through 17:00
NetEarth One Registry Price Increase

Donuts Price Hike October 2021

Donuts have increased their wholesale pricing on 28 of their nTLD’S. This pricing will come into force on 20th October 2021.

Sorry for the short notice on this, looking at what we actually sell on these TLD’s a handful of them actually have any activity. The delay was caused with regards getting confirmation from LB and Donuts as the platform needed seprating of some of the groups.

The increase in pricing is for Registration / Renewal or Transfer will be $1.70 per year and restoration also increases by $2.00 per yearly increment:

Donuts nTLD that will increase:




























NetEarth One

LogicBoxes Linux Shared hosting price increase

As you may be aware, last year cPanel decided to change their pricing model, from per server, to per user.

This should have made an increase of circa 20c to the actual hosting company (less (a lot less) if you had 100s or 1000s of servers.

LogicBoxes have therefore increased their pricing, interestingly rather than say 40c to make 100% profit on the per-user fee, they have decided that 100% on the lower bands (so dollars rather than cents) and near 70% on the higher bands.

From August 14th, the pricing will increase, below you will have a before and after, personally speaking, this is rather shameful, however, the pricing will increase regardless.

Band 1 Add/Renew was $1.89 pm now $3.79 pm

Band 2 Add/Renew was $2.49 pm now $4.48 pm

Band 3 Add/Renew was $2.89 pm now $4.89 pm

Band 4 Add/Renew was $3.89 pm now $5.98 pm

NEO generally makes 40c per month on the hosting.

NetEarth One Promotions

.IO promotion

From the 1st July 2021, the create / renew and transfer cost of a .IO domain name has changed from $49.95 down to $40.00.

This promotion should last until 31st December 2021, BUT, it can be revoked at any time, should this happen, email, platform announcement and blog post will be made.

NetEarth One Registry Price Increase

Verisign Price Increase for .COM gTLD

Verisign has communicated that they will increase the pricing of .the COM gTLD on 1st September 2021 at 0400 UTC.

Therefore NEO will be increasing its pricing of .com on Tuesday 31st August 2021 at 2200 BST.

The pricing will increase by 0.90c across all tiers for aegistration, renewal or transfer.

Restoration will increase to $65.00 which includes a 1 year renewal.