NetEarth One Registry Price Increase

Nominet price hike – effective February 29th 2016

Nominet as of the 1st March 2016 will be amending their wholesale pricing for .uk,, and

The pricing is essentially an eye watering 50% on 2+ year registrations and renewals, and ~10% increase on 1 year registrations/renewals, Nominet’s argument is they have not changed the pricing since 1999, its now time to make a change, and then look at the pricing on a yearly basis.

On the plus side, and I use that term loosely, it now means all years are the same price – still not great mind you.

So the “per year” pricing for a .UK domain (.uk,, and will be :

Tier 1 : $ 7.39
Tier 2 : $ 7.34
Tier 3 : $ 7.29
Tier 4 : $ 7.19
Tier 5 : $ 7.09

This pricing will become effective on the platform on the 29th February at 2200 UTC.