NetEarth One

New gTLD’S going live on Tuesday 4th March 2014

We are activating some of the new gTLD’s this coming Tuesday.

Please note that the ICANN RAA 2013 verification email for these gTLDs will be sent out for any of the following gTLDs as we are using the LogicBoxes credentials for these domains until we sign the 2013 RAA when the “waiver” situation has been sorted out with ICANN and European registrars.

The following gTLDs and pricing will be applied on Tuesday at midday :

gTLD NameTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5
Donuts Group 1$ 16.70$ 16.45$ 16.05$ 15.95$ 15.90
Donuts Group 2$ 24.70$ 24.45$ 24.05$ 23.95$ 23.90
Donuts Group 3$ 39.70$ 39.45$ 39.05$ 38.95$38.90
شبكة. (Arabic IDN TLD - .shabaka)$ 14.90$ 14.55$ 14.15$ 14.05$ 13.95
Group 1 TLD's :
.equipment .gallery .graphics .lighting
.photography .directory .technology .today
Group 2 TLD's :
.bike .clothing .guru .plumbing
.singles .camera .estate .construction
.contractors .kitchen .land .enterprises
Group 3 TLD's :
.holdings .ventures .diamonds .voyage


On Wednesday automatically as the groups are activated, you will also get the following TLDs :

Donuts Group 1 : .photos

Donuts Group 2 : .shoes

Donuts Group 3 : .careers, .recipes

For those resellers that are automatically signed up for new products, you will need to login to NEO post Tuesday midday and update the pricing, for those that aren’t automatically signed up, simply set the TLDs to sell and then update the pricing.