NetEarth One

NetEarth One, .UK Pricing update

Good afternoon,

Now we are seeing the dollar and pound conversions starting to move again, our .UK pricing must increase, the prices below are PER YEAR and a MINIMUM / MAXIMUM of 2 years are charged:

Tier 1      $5.19

Tier 2      $5.09

Tier 3      $4.99

Tier 4      $4.95

Tier 5      $4.85

The above prices will be for NEW / RENEW, please remember the above pricing is per year and you can only order 2 years in total (not just one). These prices will be applied at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday 10th November 2009

If you use a billing platform, like AWBS or WHMCS, please make sure you update the pricing.

I apologise for this increase, this is NOT a registry increase but a fluctuation in currency rates, we have held this off for as long as possible but for those of you who benefitted from the drop last year the currencies are getting stronger.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us by email to .