Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

NetEarth One: Introducing SPF & DKIM

Dear Reseller,

Keeping in tune with the latest developments across the industry, we are introducing SPF and DKIM on our mail hosting servers. They are a part of our arsenal to fight spam and reduce mail spoofing for mail hosting packages with LogicBoxes.

 What is SPF and DKIM?

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework and is implemented using a TXT record. It is an extension of SMTP that stops email spammers from forging the ‘From’ fields in an email. This becomes necessary as SMTP inherently does not have an authentication mechanism. SPF does this by specifying addresses that are authorized to send email for your Domain Name.

For further details on the same please click here.

Along with SPF, we have also introduced DKIM. Domain Keys Identification Mail is another mechanism you can use to fight email forgery. It uses encryption technology (public key cryptography) to verify that an email is really from the sender from whom it appears to be.

To know more about this technique, please take a look here.

Please Note: There will not be any changes required if you or your Customers are using our DNS Services.

In case our DNS services are not being used, you will need to add certain TXT records at your DNS provider. These records can be viewed under Nameserver Details in the Order Details View of their Hosting Package.