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DirectI / LogicBoxes spamming debacle

Dear Resellers,

It pains us to have to write this in the first place as it admits that this in fact happened.  But Pen to paper (or in this case fingers to keyboard) we will list the events of yesterday’s spam from DI/LB/RC to our reseller base who have customers in the USA.  Only Customers in the USA would have got this email.

All times are on BST, Friday 27th August :

10:11 – LB email NEO stating that they are sending this email out, no opt out, no request for permission, nothing.

10:37 – NEO emails LB stating under no circumstances is this email to go out to anyone under the ParentID of 46193, which would include ALL resellers and  Sub-Reseller’s Resellers/Customers under NEO.

10:56 – NEO Support lights up like a Christmas Tree with live chat, and tickets asking what or whom sent the email.

12:01 – Chris emails LB asking for an explanation as to why his request was ignored, demanding an apology so that at the very least we can pass that explanation onto our reseller base.

12:15 – LB return asking what email has been sent out to all Resellers and Customers (yeah, the fact that their servers must have been busy, and someone must have sent it, they don’t know what we are talking about!)

14:46 – Apology received from LB, well, if you can call it that, we read it more as the reason behind it and why it was warranted, and a very 1 line grumble at the end, however here it is :


The idea behind sending the ‘How Do You .com’ email was to keep resellers and customers informed of the activities that the largest Registry, VeriSign has introduced as an outreach initiative. Since .com is the most popular TLD and almost everyone owns a .com today, we thought customers would be interested in participating in this contest by VeriSign as there is a good amount of prize money at stake for the winner. Hence, the team at ResellerClub sent out a completely white-labeled mailer to all resellers and customers.

Their intention was not to spam your resellers and customers but purely to inform them about the Verisign contest and the opportunity for them to participate in the same. We do understand that this email has caused some trouble for your Support Team and sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, your resellers and customers due to the email sent earlier today.

If there is anything that we can do to help ease the situation, do let us know.


Chris did not feel it necessary yesterday morning to email the entire reseller base warning them of this as he had contacted LB demanding that this not to be sent to our ParentID and below.

The fact that LB from sending the initial email at 10:11 to sending the emails out was circa 45 minutes, demonstrated how “rushed” this was by LB.  Rightly or wrongly on Chris’s part, he felt generating more spam to the reseller was unwarranted. 

Bhavin (CEO of DI) has replied to us this morning and asked for information, we have provided him this info, and we will update this blog entry should we get a reply.

 We as NEO, can only sincerely apologize for this, it is NEVER our intention to send ANY email to your customers/resellers that is not of an ICANN RAA nature.

Rather than send an apology out to the reseller’s in the form of an email, even more spam!, we have posted this blog entry, and will post it within the CP as an announcement, we noticed there is a thread on WHT, which we will get Chris to update shortly.

Again, our sincerest apologies.

The NEO Team.