Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

LogicBoxes: Web Services Launch Re-scheduled –AGAIN–

Dear Reseller,

Owing to the vast impact of the deprecation of Website Builder and Hosting Slabs, LB’s partners have requested them to postpone the launch of the Web Services i.e the new Website Builder and Custom Plans for Hosting and Website Builder.

They’re currently taking a decision internally on an appropriate time to launch the new Website Builder and Custom Plans and this will be conveyed to you soon.

SuperSite Impact:

For Resellers who have translated the SuperSite into languages other than English, we will provide you with an adequate time window to effectively translate the new as well as revised content before Web Services is made live.

Website Builder Deprecation:

After the Web Services launch your Customers will have to login to a separate interface with a new set of credentials to manage their existing packages. They can obtain these login details by visiting:

Once on this page,

  • They will have to enter their Control Panel Username and Password
  • They will then receive the new login details via email

Please share this link with your Customers to allow them to generate their new login credentials.