LogicBoxes: Web Services Launch Re-scheduled 30th September 2010

Dear Reseller,

Web Services, which includes the new Website Builder and Custom Plans for Hosting and Website Builder, will be launched on the 30th of September, 2010. Yes we know, another date…  Our fingers are crossed

SuperSite Transalation:

For Resellers that need to translate the SuperSite Content into another language.

You can translate the content on these pages and replace the modified content through the SuperSite Admin Area once these changes go live on 30th September, 2010. You can take a look at the pages which will contain modifications, at the bottpn of this post.

Website Builder:

The current Website Builder will be deprecated on 30th September, 2010.

LB will email which Customers will be not be able to manage existing packages through your Control Panel. They will have to Login to a Separate Interface to do so.

New Website Builder:

With the new Website Builder also being launched on the 30th, you can take a look at a few of its features, as follows:

  • Real Time Visual Editor
  • Over 175 themes and counting
  • 100% Customizable page layouts
  • Favicon Customization
  • PayPal and eBay Components
  • Social Network Integration
  • Blog Portability

You will be able to access a Demo for the new Website Builder post the 30th of September.

Next Big Launch!

LB will be enhancing the Free Email Service we currently offer with every Domain Name. You will soon be able to specify the Number of Free Email Accounts with every Domain.

Website Hosting, Website Builder and Email Hosting.

Web Hosting ScreenshotWebsite Builder ScreenshotEmail Hosting Screenshot