Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

LogicBoxes : The Express Cart

We have received a new feature – bear in mind the feature was enabled before we were told about it.  But LB’s PR hype :


Designed especially for you, this new power tool is for power users who place orders for their customers frequently. If you frequently place orders on behalf of your customers, you don’t need to navigate through multiple pages and dismiss upsells on the SuperSite while placing orders anymore. The SuperSite Express encapsulates the purchase process on a single page in 3 simple steps:

  1. Choose a product and plan
  2. Enter your Customer’s email address (or Create a new Customer Account)
  3. Choose an Invoice option for your Customers

Once placed, every order will be activated automatically.

This feature was launched today23rd September 2014 and there are no changes on your existing SuperSite or API. This tool is specially designed for you and your Sub-Resellers only. Your Customers will continue to be directed to your SuperSite or custom storefront, as per your specifications.

For now, the SuperSite Express supports all Products except IDNs, Nexus TLDs, Premium Names, Bulk actions, Dedicated and Managed Servers and SiteLock. But we’ll keep building on this tool to introduce faster flows for your most common tasks and actions.

We’re excited to be releasing this new tool and hope it makes your work easier and faster.