Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

LogicBoxes: Nameservers – Upgrade Notification – URGENT

LogicBoxes have been busy upgrading/improving the DNS infrastructure, this blog contains important information about changes you and your resellers must make for your branded nameservers (if using the FreeDNS service); please read through it in detail.

The importance of a stable and robust DNS service for any domain name or website can not be underestimated. In light of recent events that affected the DNS service, LB have been working towards enhancing our DNS infrastructure. The changes LB are about to implement will considerably improve DNS capability, which will ensure better reliability for all dependent services.

Salient features

  • The DNS servers will be hosted at three geographically distributed locations across east, west and central USA
  • They will now be able to process well over 10 Gbps of data, to facilitate faster DNS resolution
  • There will be 4 IP addresses assigned for each of the nameservers, instead of the current set of 3

The infrastructure setup for these servers is complete; your branded nameservers must now be updated to bring the changes into effect.

For partially branded nameservers

If you’re using only the partially branded nameservers, such as <some_prefix>, you do not have to do anything – LB shall make all the necessary changes.

For fully branded nameservers

If you’re using fully branded nameservers of the type, the IP addresses for these must be updated for the changes to take effect. Please do the following

    1. Update all the child nameserver entries, so that each nameserver uses the corresponding new IP addresses listed in the table below
    2. Using the DNS management services for the parent domain of your child nameservers, update the A records for each child nameserver to use the new IP addresses


Partially Branded

Current IP

New IP






(Note: The old IP addresses marked in red will no longer be used)

How soon must you do this?

The new IP addresses are already functional, so you can make the changes immediately. The old IP addresses will be decommissioned after 07/11/2011 (7th November, 2011), so the changes must be completed before this date. This is extremely important, because after 07/11/2011, requests to the old IP addresses may not be answered, which would adversely impact domain names using your branded nameservers.

Please forward the information in this email to your resellers, so they may make the necessary changes to their branded nameservers as well.