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LogicBoxes Linux Shared hosting price increase

As you may be aware, last year cPanel decided to change their pricing model, from per server, to per user.

This should have made an increase of circa 20c to the actual hosting company (less (a lot less) if you had 100s or 1000s of servers.

LogicBoxes have therefore increased their pricing, interestingly rather than say 40c to make 100% profit on the per-user fee, they have decided that 100% on the lower bands (so dollars rather than cents) and near 70% on the higher bands.

From August 14th, the pricing will increase, below you will have a before and after, personally speaking, this is rather shameful, however, the pricing will increase regardless.

Band 1 Add/Renew was $1.89 pm now $3.79 pm

Band 2 Add/Renew was $2.49 pm now $4.48 pm

Band 3 Add/Renew was $2.89 pm now $4.89 pm

Band 4 Add/Renew was $3.89 pm now $5.98 pm

NEO generally makes 40c per month on the hosting.