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LogicBoxes downtime notice for hosting and email in the Texas DC

This is to inform you that all LB hosting servers in the Austin Datacenter will be undergoing a maintenance. During this maintenance window your site(s) and associated email services will be facing a downtime.


The following are the list of servers that will be undergoing maintenance :

* All Bulk hosting Servers (Linux and Windows)

Linux : upto

Windows : upto


* All Multi domain Hosting servers (Linux and Windows)

Linux : upto

Windows : upto


* All cPanel Single Domain Hosting servers starting from upto


* All Plesk Single Domain Hosting Servers starting from upto


* All mail services hosted out of tx1- austin (



Downtime Window

DATE : Sunday 4th November, 2012


DALLAS, United States, Texas

7:30 AM Sun – 10:30 AM



7:00 PM – 10:00 PM


UTC / GMT, Universal / Greenwich Time

01:30 PM – 04:30 PM


What are LB doing?

LB are improving the network connectivity on their servers.


How will it be beneficial?

This will benefit server performance and ensure that LB always maintain a very high uptime standard going forward.


Please accept our and LB’s apologies for any inconveniences caused during this downtime window.  You can also refer to the following link for timely updates: