Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

ERRP – Update from ICANN

ICANN has announced the implementation of the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (ERRP). Through this mandatory policy, all Registrars and Resellers are obligated to comply with the following guidelines –

  • Registrars must ensure that at least 2 mandatory expiration reminders are sent to the Registrant at Expiry (RAE), approximately a month before, and a week before the expiration of a domain name. Additionally, at least one more reminder must be sent to the RAE within 5 days of domain expiration. This communication has to be in the language of the registration agreement
  • The renewal fee and restoration fee have to be made available to the Registrant at the time of domain registration. These fees have to be updated on the Reseller’s websites and a URL of the same has to be included in the registration agreement
  • The communication channel to be used for notifications must be displayed on the Reseller’s website and a link for the same has to be included in the registration agreement

Steps we’re taking to comply with this program:

  • We will introduce 2 new e-mails in the system for the pre as well as post expiry notifications mandated by ICANN. These mails shall be sent out only for gTLDs
  • These emails are fully customizable and you can edit the entire content of the mail except the list of expiring domain names
  • The default registration agreement will also be updated to include the new points mandated by ICANN
  • The Supersite will be updated to incorporate the display of pricing details and the communication channels being used to notify Registrants. If you are not using Supersite, you will have to manually make the changes in order to be compliant with this policy.
  • If you are not using Supersite, you will have to make the above mentioned changes on your own website in order to be compliant with this policy

When will these changes come into effect?

We plan to implement these changes on Monday, August 8th, 2013. Please circulate these mandates to your sub resellers and customers so that they are prepared well in time for the effective date.


If you require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact support and we will get your questions answered 🙂