Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

.IO TLD gone live on NEO

We are excited to announce the launch of .IO on the LB platform on today, I had hoped to give a few days notice, but a slot with LB developers came up and we were squeezed into it (thank you LB for getting this done so quickly) 🙂

Pricing for this is as follows:

Add / Renew is $ 49.95 per year

Transfer is $49.95 including a 1 year renewal.

Restoration is $ 120.00

You will need to signup for this if you want to sell .IO, login to NEO ( click Settings >> Manage Products and Pricing >> Domain Registration >> Manage TLD’s, here you can select .IO sell, then accept the Terms and conditions, and hit submit, then same place, instead of Manage TLD’s, click “Manage Prices”.

Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One Registry Price Increase

New TLD’s going live on NEO

We will be shortly adding the TLDs listed below, which will go live on Monday 15th June 2020.

As previously set, the platform will not be emailing individual signup emails (otherwise you would get spammed) and therefore we will be sending out an email on Monday 15th June to confirm they are live. If you have auto-signup enabled on your account, they will go live, otherwise, you will need to manually set them to “Sell” in NEO >> Settings >> Manage Products & Pricing >> Domain Registration >> Manage TLDs. You can then change the pricing as you wish, the automatic upsell amount is 10%.

TLDAPI Product NameRegister / Renew or Transfer Restore

We will place a post on the announcements page referencing this blog post, and send out on Monday the email once it is live.