Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

.IO TLD gone live on NEO

We are excited to announce the launch of .IO on the LB platform on today, I had hoped to give a few days notice, but a slot with LB developers came up and we were squeezed into it (thank you LB for getting this done so quickly) 🙂

Pricing for this is as follows:

Add / Renew is $ 49.95 per year

Transfer is $49.95 including a 1 year renewal.

Restoration is $ 120.00

You will need to signup for this if you want to sell .IO, login to NEO ( click Settings >> Manage Products and Pricing >> Domain Registration >> Manage TLD’s, here you can select .IO sell, then accept the Terms and conditions, and hit submit, then same place, instead of Manage TLD’s, click “Manage Prices”.