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November 17, 2016

Important – ICANN Policy IRTP-C and how it will affect the transferring and movement of domains.

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Following my participation in the recent ICANN meeting in India, a number of registrars had a very productive discussion with ICANN compliance, we have been trying to move the removal of PP services COA from the IRTP-C into the PPSAI IRT, which we have found a route to hopefully make this happen and the RrSG is currently working on this.  Below is the current implementation, and if we are succesful the removal or enablement of PP on a domain will not trigger the unnecessary emails to the registrant.

IRTP-C implementation on the LB platform.

As you know, ICANN has implemented a new Transfer Policy which affects all ICANN-accredited registrars. The Transfer Policy takes effect 1st December 2016.

LB would like to take this opportunity to give you an insight into the various processes that will be affected in the OrderBox.

Processes Affected in OrderBox :

Quite a few processes will be directly impacted by this policy change and the platform will be updated to comply.

A. Contact Details Modification

The following are applicable throughout OrderBox for all gTLDs. The Customer/Reseller will no longer be able to:

1. Modify the contact details from the Customer Control Panel, under Contacts Management (this is logged in as Customer >> Settings). However, the Customer/Reseller will continue to have rights to modify the contacts via the Domain Order Overview page.
2. Use the ‘Update all Domain Names currently using this contact (wherever applicable)’ option while updating the Contact Details of a Domain Name.
3. The API call ‘contacts/modify’ will be deprecated.

The IRTP-C process is compulsory for all Registrars and the following changes are applicable:

1. Multiple Domain Contact Modification actions will no longer be queued. Only one Domain Contact Modification will be allowed to be in progress for a Domain Name. An attempt to place another Domain Contact Modification action when one is already in progress will return an appropriate error.
2. If the registrant contact either in the whois (for .COM/.NET) or at the Registry for other gTLDs does not match with the contacts in OrderBox, then the Registrant contact at the registry will be cloned, a new contact will be created in OrderBox with these details and this new contact will be associated with the domain. The current Contact Modification action will then fail. The Customer/Reseller will then have to request a Domain Contact Modification action once again (This point will also be applicable in case of Bulk Domain Contact Modification)

B. Move Service

This change is applicable throughout OrderBox for all TLDs. Move Service with the Default Contact option will be deprecated.
The Customer/Reseller will no longer be able to:

1. Move domains by using the ‘Use new customer’s default contact’ . The old contact will continue to be used.
2. Parameter ‘default-contact’ of the API call ‘products/move’ will no longer accept the value ‘default’.

C. Domain Transfer

Transfer request initiated with no request to modify contact details (name, company and/or email) on the domain

1. When a transfer is requested on a gTLD domain, the transfer Form of Authorization (FOA) will be sent to the Admin Email on WHOIS
2. This transfer FOA will be valid for 60 days; however, it will expire earlier if one of the following occurs:
The domain name expires before the transfer is completed
A change of Registrant is completed (platform level)
3. If the transfer FOA is not approved or if it expires, the transfer will be canceled.

Transfer request initiated where there is a request to modify contact details (name, company and/or email) on the domain

1. When a transfer is requested on a gTLD domain, the transfer FOA will be sent to the Admin Email on WHOIS.
2. This transfer FOA will be valid for 60 days; however, it will expire earlier if one of the following occurs:
The domain name expires before the transfer is completed
A change of Registrant is completed (platform level)
3. If the transfer FOA is approved, then an additional change of registrant FOA will be sent across to the parties involved [To minimize delays in transfer, we recommend using the same registrant details (name, company and email) as mentioned on the WHOIS, as this will prevent the Change of Registrant process from getting triggered. The registrant can be modified after the successful transfer of a domain into OrderBox]
4. If either of the Registrants disapprove the change of registrant FOA, the domain transfer request will also fail
5. Once the change of registrant FOA approval is received from both the registrants, an additional WHOIS check will be made to validate if the Registrant of the domain has changed in the interim. If yes, then the domain transfer request (including the change of registrant action) will fail, else it will proceed.
6. Post successful transfer, both the prior and the new registrant will receive an email notifying them about the change of registrant.

D.   Privacy Protection

While enabling/disabling Privacy Protection, the Registrar on Record will act as the Designated Agent to approve a change of registrant. No explicit approval will be needed from the Registrant.

A notification email will be sent to both the Registrants (Old and New) whenever the status of Privacy Protection is changed. This email is a compulsory email.

Relevant clauses to authorize the Registrar on Record as a Designated Agent have been added to the Domain Registration Agreement.


PPSAI = Privacy Proxy Service Accreditation Issues Working Group

IRTP-C = Inter Registrar Transfer Policy

IRT = Inplementation Recommendation Team

RrSG = Registrar Stakeholder Group

.EU domain names no longer have an Renewal Grace Period

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Please note that from 23rd November, 2016, .EU domains will no longer have a renewal grace period.

This means any .EU domain expiring on, for example 23rd November, will be deleted on 23rd November itself, if not renewed before that date. Please renew your .EU domains which are about to expire as soon as possible, or else you will have to restore them. Redemption period remains the same. You can get in touch with our support team in case of any queries.

September 30, 2016

Donuts Price increase and decrease of some TLDs

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With immediate effect, the Donuts registry has increased and decreased some of their TLD pricing. You would have just received an email from the platform detailing the signing up of new products as LogicBoxes had to move swiftly to separate out the TLDs this has effected.

Below is the new tier pricing – please update your billing applications and check your pricing within the platform ASAP – I cannot stress enough how important this is to do so that you are not selling at a loss.

The following domains have had an increase in cost pricing :


Tier 1: $ 44.70
Tier 2: $ 44.45
Tier 3: $ 44.05
Tier 4: $ 43.95
Tier 5: $ 43.90

Restore pricing has increased to $200.00

The following domains have had a decrease in their cost price :


Tier 1: $ 8.59
Tier 2: $ 8.19
Tier 3: $ 7.98
Tier 4: $ 7.78
Tier 5: $ 7.68

Restore pricing has increased, so this is now $200.00

Each price is per domain year as normal.

We have set the above TLDs to not be sold at this time until 1st October 2016 at 1700UTC so that you can amend the pricing within the platform. We have done this because hte registry has mentioned that hteir will be a “premium” added to domains bought or transferred from now until then and as we do not have a fixed amount of that premium it will be madness to allow the reg/transfer of these domains in this period.

September 12, 2016

LB ManagedDNS service under DDoS attack.

Filed under: Downime notice,NetEarth One — chrisp @ 07:58

LB are currently facing a DDOS attack on their DNS servers. Below are the IP addresses which have been affected:
In case your domains are using partially branded OrderBox Name servers or your fully branded Name Servers which are pointing to the above mentioned IPs, they may not resolve. Additionally, resource records within the Zone like A, MX, CNAME etc may not be fetched.
LB are working in coordination with the data centre to mitigate this attack as soon as possible. Please follow this thread for more information.

July 23, 2016

2 Factor Authentication coming to the LogicBoxes platform

Filed under: Changes on the LB platform,NetEarth One — chrisp @ 20:03

This coming week LogicBoxes will be adding 2 Factor Authentication to the platform, and further down the road, Google 2FA.

To enable 2FA, take a look at :

To disable 2FA :


July 4, 2016

PIR increases pricing for .ORG

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PIR the .ORG registry is increasing its cost price to each ICANN registrar, for registration, renewal, transfer or restoration. This will be effective on 31st July 2016, at 22:00 BST.

Therefore the new prices per Tier are :

Tier 1 $ 12.25
Tier 2 $ 11.90
Tier 3 $ 11.60
Tier 4 $ 11.49
Tier 5 $ 11.29

Restoration pricing will increase by $1.00 to $68.00 which will include 1 year renewal of the domain name.

April 28, 2016

Renewal Grace period update

Filed under: Changes on the LB platform,NetEarth One — chrisp @ 14:20

For the last few years we have had the renewal grace period “RGP” set for the following domains to 16 days :  com/net/asia/biz/info and mobi.

As of today, this time-frame has been extended to 30 days, thus going forward, domain tlds  com/net/asia/biz/info and mobi will have a renewal grace period of 30 days that expire from today.


March 10, 2016

40 New TLD’s going Live on Monday 14th March

Filed under: NetEarth One — chrisp @ 22:19

We are pleased to announce that during Monday 14th March, we will have 40 new TLDs (nTLD’s) going live within the platform.  These will probably create a few emails (thankfully not 40) when they are being signed up.

Below you will find the TLDs along with Registration/Renewal/Transfer and Restoration pricing.  There will also be a csv file at the footer so that you can download and import into your application should you use the API.

Pricing is the same for all Tiers.


TLD Registration / Transfer / Renewal pricing Restoration pricing
.ARCHI $57.95 $259.95
.BIO $46.95 $246.95
.PHYSIO $69.95 $220.95
.CAR $2,300.95 $5,271.95
.CARS $2,300.95 $5,271.95
.AUTO $2,300.95 $5,271.95
.FAMILY $17.95 $77.95
.AIRFORCE $23.95 $84.95
.RIP $13.95 $73.95
.SKI $31.95 $106.95
.LIVE $17.95 $77.95
.STUDIO $17.95 $77.95
.YOGA $23.95 $97.95
.RENT $51.95 $389.95
.LGBT $34.95 $96.95
.AMSTERDAM $33.95 $190.95
.TOP $7.95 $78.95
.MEN $23.95 $83.95
.REHAB $23.95 $84.95
.WALES $13.95 $37.95
.CYMRU $13.95 $37.95
.IRISH $28.95 $90.95
.ONLINE $28.95 $116.95
.KIWI $28.95 $145.95
.MARKETS $46.95 $188.95
.ONE $7.95 $92.95
.NEWS $17.95 $77.95
.COLLEGE $51.95 $389.95
.DOWNLOAD $23.95 $96.95
.RACING $23.95 $78.95
.WIN $23.95 $96.95
.ACCOUNTANT $23.95 $96.95
.LOAN $23.95 $96.95
.LOL $24.95 $72.95
.LOVE $23.95 $149.95
.TECH $40.95 $103.95
.SITE $23.95 $84.95
.TIRES $76.95 $143.95
.TRADING $57.95 $201.95
.CLOUD $17.95 $77.95
Pricing is in USD, per year.    

NetEarth Pricing for 40 new TLDs – March 2016

February 6, 2016

Nominet price hike – effective February 29th 2016

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Nominet as of the 1st March 2016 will be amending their wholesale pricing for .uk,, and

The pricing is essentially an eye watering 50% on 2+ year registrations and renewals, and ~10% increase on 1 year registrations/renewals, Nominet’s argument is they have not changed the pricing since 1999, its now time to make a change, and then look at the pricing on a yearly basis.

On the plus side, and I use that term loosely, it now means all years are the same price – still not great mind you.

So the “per year” pricing for a .UK domain (.uk,, and will be :

Tier 1 : $ 7.39
Tier 2 : $ 7.34
Tier 3 : $ 7.29
Tier 4 : $ 7.19
Tier 5 : $ 7.09

This pricing will become effective on the platform on the 29th February at 2200 UTC.

December 29, 2015

Reminder Notice of .net Fee Change Feb 1st 2016

Filed under: NetEarth One,Registry Price Increase — chrisp @ 18:56

Verisign are increasing the .net pricing as of Feb 1st at 0000 UTC.

To facilitate the increase, we will be raising the pricing of registration, renewal, transfer and restoration by $1.00 as of January 31st 2016 at 1200 UTC (midday).

This is across all tiers.

An email reminder will be sent out and platform notice will be set.


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