Downime notice NetEarth One

MYSQL upgrade on Linux hosting servers

MYSQL upgrade on Linux hosting servers

Two of LB’s Linux hosting servers are planned to undergo a short downtime, to upgrade the MYSQL versions on each. Both the servers will be upgraded to MYSQL – 5.0.84. Soon, we shall have the same updated on the other Linux hosting servers too.

Schedule :

Nov 23, 2009 – 0400 Hrs IST | Nov 22, 2009 – 2230 Hrs GMT.

Expected downtime: 2 Hrs

During the maintenance:

1) Sites hosted on these servers will not resolve.
2) Manage web hosting console will be inaccessible.
3) Control Panel modifications / actions will not reflect.
4) FTP service will be unavailable.

All services will be restored to normal, as soon as the maintenance is completed.  Feel free to contact our support desk, in case you require any additional information.