Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

Logicboxes platform Domain service price increases

As you know NEO does not increase its pricing save for registry or service pricing. Logicboxes have informed us that they are increasing their “per transaction” cost on domain services.

This includes ALL TLDs, gTLD, nTLD and ccTLDs, as well as the per transaction fee on the privacy service. I would say in their defence that this price has not increased in a number of years.

Therefore from 00:01 on the 31st July 2022 UTC, the following increases will be applied to the platform, pl:ease make sure you update your pricing so that no service is sold at a loss.

Per domain transaction will increase by $0.20c

Per Privacy protection transaction will increase by $0.25c

Please remember these are PER YEAR, so if there is a 5 year renewal, the increase will be for domain transactions as an example, 5 x 0.20c = $1.00. Likewise for the PP service.

This is for registration, renewal, transfer and restoration – all charge based actions.