Downime notice EMERGENCY downtime NetEarth One

LogicBoxes : Cooling Failure at our Data Center

Because of a cooling failure at one of their Data Centers, they’ve had to shut down the mail servers on their new infrastructure and cPanel servers. They had to take this step to ensure the servers do not overheat and your data remains unaffected. As yet they do not have any ETA to fix, but the technicians at their Data Center are working on this and they expect the issue to be fixed soon.

You will not be able to send/receive emails, your websites hosted on our cPanel servers and the cPanel control panel will not resolve.

UpdateWe expect the issue to be fixed by 21:45 GMT.

Update #2cPanel hosting servers will be up by 21:00 GMT.

Update #3cPanel hosting servers are up. Also, all email servers except for one are up.