Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

LB- Introducing new plans for Linux Reseller Hosting

As you may be aware, cPanel whose control panel is used for the reseller hosting service increased their pricing last year. Logicboxes have now got around to increasing the pricing for all new reseller hosting packages from August 12th. Since the new pricing model resulted in an increased cost for many web hosts, many hosting companies immediately updated their prices and plans to accommodate the new cPanel prices. 

After considering how to best address this change, LB have decided to introduce new prices and plans for all new orders starting 12 August 2020.

All new orders placed on and after 12 August 2020 will be subject to the new prices and plans. Accordingly, existing prices and plans will no longer be available and will be set to “No New Orders” beginning 12 August 2020. Orders made prior to this date will continue to renew based on the existing plan structures until further notice. We will provide nearer the time the new pricing (the link above will work).

Please note that under the new plan, customers will be able to purchase additional cPanel accounts from their control panel.