Changes on the LB platform NetEarth One

Important Announcement – IP changes to LB Supersite/Partnersite and Orderbox

Logicboxes will be updating the IP addresses of the platform on the 1st March 2022.

If you use either the Supersite 2, Reseller sales Panel, or Control Panel for your customers, please make the following changes BEFORE 1st March when the old IPs will be removed.

As part of their continued efforts to keep improving their platform stability, they are making some changes to their infrastructure. There are a couple of changes that you will need to make to continue enjoying uninterrupted services for yourself, your sub-resellers and your customers: 

Changes to Supersite and Partnersite 

Only if you are using a fully branded Supersite or Partnersite, please change your A record within your name servers to the IPs mentioned below: 

New IP for Supersite 

New IP for Partnersite 

Changes to Orderbox control panel 

Only if you are using a fully branded control panel, please change the DNS records of your Control panel URL from an A record to a CNAME record. The correct CNAME record to be added is: 

<enter your fully branded control panel URL>  CNAME 

LB request you to make these changes by March 1, 2022 to enjoy uninterrupted services and stability of their platforms. Please ignore this post if you are using partially branded supersites, partnersites and Orderbox control panels.