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December 17, 2010

Logicboxes : PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway changes

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Dear Resellers,

Logicboxes informed us that they were going to remove the above gateway, however, after many days of discussions with LB, they are not removing it but changing the way in which they communicate with PayPal.

The below information should be read and acted upon if you use the gateway.


Currently using the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway?

If you are currently using the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway to collect payments from your Customers/Resellers, you are required to make the changes listed below, before 22nd December, 2010 to avoid disruption of services:

1.    Generate your PayPal API Credentials:

2.    Authorize your API Username to make API calls through your Reseller Account:

3.    Configure both the above-mentioned details in your Reseller Account:

Integrating the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway for the first time?

If you are currently not using the PayPal Direct Payment API Gateway and are interested in using the same, then we would request you to integrate this Gateway with your Registrar Account post 10.30 am UTC on 22nd of December, 2010 as it will not function before that time.

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