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January 15, 2017

Verisign .net Fee Change and other registry “restoration” alignment changes going live on 31st January 2017

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The below are all registry increases, the first one .net is a straight increase, whereas the remaining ones are increases in the restoration pricing set by the registry.

Verisign are increasing the .net pricing as of Feb 1st 2017 at 0000 UTC.

To facilitate the increase, we will be raising the pricing of registration, renewal, transfer and restoration by $1.00 per year as of January 31st 2017 at 2200 UTC.

This is across all tiers.

Registry alignment pricing adjustments:

The following are ONLY restoration pricing and not any other pricing:

.BID            $130.00
.BUILD          $140.00
.BUZZ           $120.00
.DANCE           $95.00
.DEMOCRAT       $105.00
.IMMOBILIEN     $105.00
.INK            $105.00
.MENU           $120.00
.NINJA           $90.00
.REVIEWS        $100.00
.SC             $220.00
.SOCIAL         $110.00
.TRADE          $105.00
.UNO             $95.00
.VC             $150.00
.WEBCAM         $130.00
.WIKI           $100.00

An email reminder will be sent out and platform notice will be set.

All above pricing will be set on 31st January 2017 at 2200 UTC.

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